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ウラネプ by 風李たゆ on pixiv
Caro Grande cocomero, dove sei?

You look upon the world around you and you think you know it well. I have smelled it as a wolf, listened as a cat, prowled shadows that you never dreamed existed.


The Redeemer , Dorian
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Best. Picture. Yet. Holy crap.

Pokémon natural history illustration, grass version! A new print just in time for Anime Expo this weekend :)
So, I guess this is my official announcement!! I have two tables at AX this year, come find me in the artist alley at A55 and A56. I’m selling my prints as per usual, but this year I’ll also have a lot of new jewelry and accessories I’ve been working on. Please come, buy stuff or just say hi! >3<
Hope to c u there, qts!!!
Natural History pt I: Bug Pokémon

9-21-2014 Super Smash Charathon Break - Assist Trophies
by CrayonChewer


Kyaray Pamyu Pamyu - 3DS Promo

bjarkiandhisglasses Kyaray che trasforma tutti i personaggi Nintendo in hipster anche NO!T_T